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Abbreviation AkKM
Address K. Kasakausko g. 17, Akmenė, LT-85367, Akmenės r. sav., Lietuva
Phone No +370 425 55 075
Fax No +370 425 55 075
E-mail akmenesmuziejus@gmail.com
Type by theme istorija, gamta
Institution code 300629754

Information about the museum

Akmenė Region Museum was founded on January 2 in 2007. Many years before, Akmenė town enlightened, elderly folk artists, collectors pressed district leaders to establish Regional Museum.

The museum preserves and exhibits the collection of Borisas Izenbekas (1910–2006) – one of the most famous diurnal butterflies collectors in Lithuania. Visitors to the museum also enjoy the unique conservatory of live butterflies.

Akmenė Region Museum now has 5 sections: History, Nature, Ethnography, Folk Art and Visual Art. Also, the museum has 2 subdivisions: S. Daukantas Memorial Museum in Papilė, and Lazdynų Pelėda Memorial Museum in Paragiai.

Branches and units of the museum

  Lazdynų Pelėda Memorial Museum in Paragiai Paragių k., Papilės sen., LT-85283, Akmenės r. sav., Lietuva
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  S. Daukantas Museum in Papilė J. Basanavičiaus g. 6, Papilė, LT-85243, Akmenės r. sav., Lietuva
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