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Abbreviation LKI
Address P. Vileišio g. 5, Vilnius, LT-10308, Vilniaus m. sav., Lietuva
Phone No +370 523 466 21
Type by theme istorija, mokslo istorija
Institution code 111955023

Information about the museum

The Lithuanian Hearth (The Museum of the Lithuanian Language) was established as a part of the Lithuanian Language Institute in 2006. It is the only interactive museum of the Lithuanian language in Lithuania. The aims of the museum are to present the latest linguistic research to the public in an engaging, modern way; to educate society on relevant issues of language use; to raise the status of the Lithuanian language; to motivate students on their way to becoming future linguists and language professionals; and to promote the Lithuanian language as a partner of European multilingualism and cultural dialogue.

The Museum of the Lithuanian Language exhibits a variety of documents, books and personal items of linguists relevant to the language, but what sets it apart are its unique language toys. With the help of this exhibition, you will see that language is much more than grammar and punctuation – rather, it is a living, fascinating phenomenon that you can play with and even touch!