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Abbreviation LŠM
Address Vytauto pr. 52, Kaunas, LT-44237, Kauno m. sav., Lietuva
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Information about the museum

A three-story building where the museum is located was built in the first half of the 20th century. It is unknown who it originally belonged to. For some time it was owned by the Jewish community – there was a rest-home and a hospital for the Jewish people. During German occupation, the Nazi government targeted on the building, whereas Soviet government nationalized it and adapted for public needs. Professional school of mechanics persisted here for the longest period of time. In 2002, the Pedagogical Museum of Kaunas Region was moved here.
One of the oldest Lithuanian museums – the Pedagogical Museum was established in 1922 by Kaunas city municipality. The initiator and its long-term director was a renowned educationist, textbook author and a public figure Vincas Ruzgas. Thanks to his efforts, the museum not only turned into the centre for teacher training and youth education but also became the core of Kaunas cultural life. 

Roots of education go back to the old times. From generation to generation, humankind has always passed on its experience and moral attitudes. Folklore and ancient rituals indicate that in pre-Christian times Lithuanians attended to children’s education and upbringing. Practical experience and spiritual wealth was delivered verbally. The first schools in Lithuania were established in the late 14th century; the education system in three levels, i.e. primary, secondary and higher, however, was developed only in the 16th century.
The Museum of Lithuanian Education aims to show that the education system in our country was built upon the foundation of Christian Europe, and to also highlight what makes unique a long way that the Lithuanian school has walked. The exhibition presents the history of education from the 14th till the 20th century. A valuable collection of learning means from different historical periods was built up in years – textbooks and other education-related objects are presented in three halls. Museum visitors have an opportunity to get introduced to famous personalities, publications, and significant facts in the history of Lithuania.