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Abbreviation MDM
Address Subačiaus g. 124, LT-11345, Vilnius, Vilniaus m. sav., Lietuva
Phone No +370 526 004 15
Type by theme literatūra, muziejai dvaruose, istorija
Institution code 300110421

Information about the museum

Markučiai Manor Museum  is located in the former residence of Grigory Pushkin, son of the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin (1799–1837), and his wife Varvara.

The museum ensemble consists of the former residential house of the manor, built in 1868, a park with ponds, a small family cemetery and St. Varvara's Chapel. The ensemble is completed by a monument to the poet Alexander Pushkin, created in 1955 by the sculptor Bronius Vyšniauskas and the architect Vytautas Nasvytis, which today adorns Markučiai Park. In the six authentically furnished rooms from the late 19th century, visitors can see furniture, photographs of the Markučiai Manor and the family of Grigory and Varvara Pushkin, as well as many typical household items and works of art from that period. The exhibitions also preserve a large number of Alexander Pushkin's books, which were published during the poet's lifetime.

In an effort to preserve the family heritage of the poet's youngest son Grigory, the museum of Alexander Pushkin promotes the poet's work, his ties with Lithuania, ensures the commemoration and preservation of his memory in Lithuania, conducts research on the daily life, habits, traditions and customs in Vilnius manors between 1865 and 1939, and engages in museum and local ethnographic activities.