Oginski Cultural History Museum of Rietavas

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Abbreviation ROKIM
Address L. Ivinskio g. 4, Rietavas, LT-90311, Rietavo sav., Lietuva
Phone No +370 448 689 92
E-mail rokimuziejus@gmail.com
Type by theme istorija, muziejai dvaruose
Institution code 188208112
Bank account number LT 69 7300 0100 3890 2119

Information about the museum

Cultural heritage objects of lasting value were first collected at Rietavas Manor, then-owned by the Oginski Dukes, in the 19th century. The estate was known for its collections of art, archaeological finds, antique weapons, musical instruments, beautifully bound musical notes and scores. The manor had a rich library and valuable archives. In the turmoil of the early 20th century, Rietavas lost these precious items – they were dispersed among various libraries, museums, and private collections. Over time, the idea arose to establish a museum in the town, where visitors could learn more about the region's history. Therefore, in 2000, the Oginski Cultural History Museum of Rietavas was founded. Today, the museum collects and preserves exhibits of cultural and historical value and takes care of the protection of the monuments and the park of the Rietavas Manor.