Samogitian Museum "Alka"

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Abbreviation ŽAM
Address Muziejaus g. 31, Telšiai, LT-87357, Telšių r. sav., Lietuva
Phone No +370 444 70 282
Type by theme istorija, etnografija, buitis
Institution code 190599771
Bank account number LT 13 4010 0428 0007 0145

Information about the museum

The Alka Samogitian Museum was founded and currently operates as a representative museum of the history of the Samogitia ethnographic region. In 1938, the museum house was opened to the visitors on the Green Hill, one of the seven hills in Telšiai.

The museum currently holds perhaps the richest collections of exhibits of archaeology, manor heritage, Samogitian diocese, and natural and ethnic cultural heritage in the region and has an extensive library. The collected heritage is presented in exhibitions and displays in the main museum building in Telšiai, in the Samogitian Diocese Museum in Varniai and in the Samogitian Village Exhibition

Branches and units of the museum

  Samogitian Village Museum Malūno g. 5, Telšiai, LT-87392, Telšių r. sav., Lietuva
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  Rainiai Chapel of Suffering Telšių g. 1, Rainių k., Viešvėnų sen., LT-88401, Telšių r. sav., Lietuva
  Sacral Heritage Exhibition Katedros a. 6, Telšiai, LT-87131, Telšių r. sav., Lietuva
  Telšiai Yeshiva Iždinės g. 11, Telšiai, LT-87128, Telšių r. sav., Lietuva
  Samogitian Diocese Museum S. Daukanto g. 6, Varniai, LT-88318, Telšių r. sav., Lietuva
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