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Abbreviation AMNM
Address S. Daukanto g. 16, LT-00135, Palanga, Palangos m. sav., Lietuva
Phone No +370 460 493 67; +370 686 766 68
Type by theme dailė
Institution code 152699022
Bank account number LT 10 7300 0100 0235 3969

Information about the museum

Antanas Mončys Art Museum was founded in 1998. The museum's collections are based on the artworks of the modernist sculptor Antanas Mončys (1921–1993), which were donated to the museum. Antanas Mončys was born in the former district of Darbėnai (now Kretinga District) and studied architecture at Vytautas Magnus University. In 1944 he moved to the West to study sculpture at the Freiburg School of Arts and Crafts and the Académie de la Grande Chaumiére in Paris. He has had some 30 solo exhibitions in France, Belgium, Germany, Monaco, the USA, Italy and Lithuania and has directed sculpture studies. Over a span of more than four decades, Mončys created works of various genres: sculptures, monuments, collages, drawings, watercolours, landscapes, theatre props, relief sculptures, masks, whistles and more. The artist spent most of his life in France, where he is known not only as an independent artist but also as a creator of sculptures for the St Marcel Church in Laon and as a restorer of the chimaera sculptures of the Metz Cathedral – a project he carried out with a prominent Litwak artist Marc Chagall and famous French sculptors, brothers Jan and Joël Martel.

The permanent exhibition of Antanas Mončys’ works is set up on the second floor of the museum. It is reminiscent of a creative studio from the artist's time in France. On display are many of Mončys’ artworks and exhibits that attest to his life and work. Honouring Antanas Mončys’ wishes, touching the exhibits is allowed.